Beter Bed Holding kondigt 'sale en lease-back' van het distributiecentrum in Uden aan

18 oktober 2019


  • Beter Beheer B.V., the wholly owned subsidiary of Beter Bed Holding, has entered into a sale-and-leaseback transaction with an investment entity advised by Tristan Capital Partners for its 72,750 square meters property in Uden for a cash consideration of € 14.0 million.
  • This sale-and-leaseback transaction shows the long-term commitment of the Benelux operations of Beter Bed Holding to continue operating in its current distribution center and headquarter.
  • This transaction substantially improves the liquidity and net debt position of Beter Bed Holding. The cash proceeds will be used to (i) reduce the debt position of Beter Bed Holding, and (ii) to invest in further accelerating the growth of the successful Benelux operations.

Download hier het volledige persbericht:

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